Marriage Proposal Idea - Creating Memories

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Creating a Memory

Not all of us are like or even want to be like Liberace, who received around 12 proposals of marriage a week from his fans. Most of us receive or make only one marriage proposal in our lifetimes. We want that proposal to be memorable, and very special.

One of the things we like to do on an Engaged Encounter Weekend is to ask the couples how he/she proposed. The stories are marvelous!


One young man tied the engagement ring to a kite string, with some sort of a special knot, and took his gal kite flying on the beach. As she tugged on the string, a shiny object came tumbling down - it was her ring. She was furious with him, but did say yes!


An avid fisherman tied the engagement ring to his fishing line, and gave his unsuspecting girl friend the pole and told her to reel in the line. When she saw the ring dangling over the water, she, too, was a bit upset, but said yes.


We also heard of a ring placed in a carved out dictionary. When the intended bride unwrapped the book at Christmas time, she tossed it aside without looking inside. She was pouty most of the day, and finally looked at the book - only to discover the engagement ring. She was embarrassed, and humbly said yes.


Do you know how your parents or grandparents proposed? If not, ask them! You could get some great ideas from their stories.


Personally, we think the best proposals are the ones that tug at your heart strings a bit. They don’t really have to be fancy or involve major plans. They just need to be memorable.


We’ve heard stories about camp outs that turned into disasters, lost rings, and the best laid plans messed up. We’ve also heard the simple proposals that brought tears to our eyes.


So…what stories do you have to tell regarding your proposal? Join us on the Marriage Forum and share your stories.

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