Why should I Love you, you are precious to me

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I came to you because I liked you from few years before...

I never imagined you are so beautiful in personality and beautiful  in your  thoughts..

Those days I had no words to explain why I love you...

if I was asked, my most possible answer might be be I can't explain..

but now you are giving me many opportunities to say why should I love you...

I Love you because,

because I find you always smiling..and always easy going.. and always in light mood..

 you never curse any one during talk..

I was not looking in your eyes in our first meeting..in ganesh mandir,, but you were.thatswhyI was affraid, but you were not thats why.

I lied to you and you accepted.... ( that was only to meet you and I promise that was the first one and will be the last one)

I suspected you, but you took it easy(thanks a lot for this..that was my foolish mistake.). this is one  reason why I am in Love with you..

I leaked our secret before friends  even then you never complained...

because I dont affraid to be me before you..you make me so comfortable.
I am fond of you  who says "I love you too"

because I love hearing you saying love you..

because you love me with my all my pros and cons... 

because you have accepted me when I am at struggling stage..

because you never complaint me for me leaking the proposal two days before..

because you are very beautiful face and personality..

I love you because I loved the way you shook hand with me for the first time.

a very special thank to you..

I dont need to find any more reasons why I love you..I would love to say instead,, why Ishould not..

there are unlimited reasons... in fact, I can't explain why I love you exactly.. trust me Ireally have no clue why I love you, but I find you more than I could think..

I know only one thing that is I love you,,, and that is sufficient for me to Love you....and this is the answer to your question also..... 

thanks for all..

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