Why I love you !

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I love you
And from the moment my eyes met your eyes
I realized
That we were meant to be together
And maybe not forever
But for right now
Because I loved you
And I love you still
But not because of the things you do for me
But because of what you do to me
You compliment me
And always pick up the pieces that I missed
And making up for all the skills that I lack
I mean, you complete me
Because before our bodies connected our minds did
And before our minds connected our souls did
And all of a sudden two heartbeats become one
Beating together in perfect unison
You respect me
And treat me how a king is supposed to be treated
Because we can lay in the bed naked as the day we were born
But nothing would happen because you wanna make love to my mind
Before making love to my body
And you my opinions as well
Because you actually listen to me
I love you
I love you because I feel safe
I remember the first time you held me in your arms
I told myself that there were no other arms I would ever
Wanna be in because yours were the perfect fit
I love you
And even if we were together a lifetime
I would still be craving one more second just to see you
Just to hold you
Just to touch you
Just to kiss you
Just to love you
I love you
I love you because Im not afraid to be anything other than the person I am
Because to you, the inside is more beautiful than the outside ever will be
And you push me
You push me to be the best that I can ever be in life
With you by my side I feel as though I can move mountains
Stop storms
Make oceans obey
Halt hurricanes
Tear up tornadoes
Because you give me strength to conquer life
I love you
And I dont think you really understand what the words that Im saying
I am in love
And maybe none of you can relate to this but Im telling you its a wonderful feeling
This shit should be illegal because its higher than any drug known to man
I love you
I was past cloud nine the first time I saw you
And at times I get scared
And you understand that I put up a front
Because Ive been hurt in the past and dont wanna give my heart away
And youre constantly unpacking the baggage that I bring with me
And melting the ice from around my heart
I feel 50
When he said I love you like a fat kid loves cake
Except I would be the fat kid
And you would be the cake
Chocolate cake
And I would have you with you with a glass of milk
That would taste just like sweet nectar
Your body produces after hours of love making
And Im holding back the tears because
You told me that you never wanted to see me cry because of you
So I wont.
I will never shed a tear because of anything that you did directly to me
But sometimes I think about the love we have
And I cant help but cry
Cry for all those souls who will never feel a love as good as mine
I love you
Like when I was sick
And you came to me side
And feed me soup
Then kissed my forehead and told me I was the most beautiful man
Youve ever met
Right after I through up on you
I love you
Too bad these feelings that I have for you
You have for someone else.

I Love You Darling !

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